Bostonia Business Solutions 

Kerie Seamans started Bostonia Business Solutions to fulfill the need for top consulting talent without the bureaucracy and high prices.  Having worked in a variety of industries and corporate environments, Kerie recognized the need for qualified, flexible consultants to help organizations achieve their goals. While she brings a wide range of experience to the table, Kerie thrives on learning about new organizations and welcomes the variety, challenge, and insight that consulting offers.

Kerie focuses on helping organizations develop plans for future growth.  With a solid plan, a business can manage its finances and operations, make sound business decisions, and improve performance.  It doesn't stop there - Kerie develops strategic partnerships with the organizations she works with in order to help them assess their performance over time.

BBS will work with you to:

  • analyze your business, challenges, and opportunities
  • develop short and/or long term plans
  • execute, monitor, and report progress on those plans

With specialized expertise in budgeting, planning, and financial analysis, BBS is well-equipped to fulfill your organization’s needs.  Bostonia Business Solutions is a woman-owned small business with a global perspective.


President & Founder

Kerie Seamans

Kerie Seamans is a versatile business and finance professional with over 13 years of experience across several industries.  As a graduate of Raytheon’s Financial Leadership Development Program, Kerie kicked off her career with a solid depth and breadth of finance and leadership experience.  As her career evolved, she sharpened her expertise in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis, while continuing to hone skills in Accounting, Process Improvement, Internal Controls, M&A, Business Management, and more.  

Kerie has a strong record of achievement in senior finance roles for both Corporate and non-profit global market leaders.  She has a commitment to excellence, which extends beyond her professional endeavors.  Consistently at the top of her class, Kerie holds a Master of Business Administration from Boston University (International Management, Honors) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Finance, Summa Cum Laude).  

With experience spanning the aerospace/defense, high tech, manufacturing, information management, healthcare, and higher education industries, Kerie brings a diverse skill set to the table. In various fast-paced, dynamic roles, she has been responsible for developing and managing multi-billion dollar budgets, delivering timely and accurate reporting to senior leadership, developing complex financial models, and performing ad hoc analysis of all types.  Her roles have included Corporate Accountant, Lead Financial Analyst, and Corporate Finance Manager to name a few.  In each of her positions, Kerie has made lasting contributions and significant improvements to internal processes.   Kerie has traveled extensively throughout her career, and brings a multicultural understanding and appreciation to the table which is critical in today’s global economy.  

A great deal of Kerie’s success can be attributed to her keen analytical ability and strategic problem solving skills.  With an uncanny ability to identify trends and make sense of complex data, Kerie is capable of communicating complex information in simple form for use in effective decision making.  Finally, Kerie’s strong communication and people skills make her a highly sought after collaborative business partner and team member.  

Kerie enjoys working on diverse projects and collaborating with unique teams across industries.  Her professional and educational background make her an ideal, impactful business partner.